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we have two recipes: the orginal recipe & the new recipe
original recipe - gluten free / baked not fried
flavors: maple / butter pecan  / espresso / chocolate / vanilla / peanut butter / chocolate chip / strawberry / lemon / blueberry
 nutrition facts (depends on flavor): 
130-170 calories / 3-6g fat / 19-24g carbs / 2-3g fiber / 7-9g protein / 9-13g sugar
donut base: almond flour, whole oat flour (certified gluten free), protein powder blend, stevia, baking powder (aluminum free), egg whites, pumpkin, honey, unsweetened almond milk.
icing: unsweetened almond milk, butter, vanilla extract and powdered sugar. then we add flavorings when needed!
*allergens: almonds, eggs, milk, soy (our peanut butter topping contains peanuts and the butter pecan flavor contains pecans)
new recipe -
for my more sensitive souls (aka me) <3
 free of gluten, dairy, grains, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavorings and food coloring. baked not fried.
one flavor currently: // cinnamon sugar
nutrition facts: 12g fat /11g carbs / 7g protein / 6g sugar
donut base: almond flour, whole eggs (pasture raised & local), honey, vanilla extract, almond milk, apple cider vinegar, sea salt (redmonds real salt)

topping: brushed with melted coconut oil then dunked in a coconut sugar + cinnamon mix
*allergens: almonds + eggs